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Agatha Christie: Poirot: Season 5 (1993)

 Русское название: Агата Кристи: Пуаро: Сезон 5
 Год: 1993
 Страна: Англия
 Режиссеры: Andrew Grieve, Andrew Piddington, Ashley Pearce, Brian Farnham, Ken Grieve, Peter Barber-Fleming, Renny Rye, Ross Devenish
 Сценаристы: Agatha Christie, Anthony Horowitz, Clive Exton, David Renwick, Douglas Watkinson, Guy Andrews, Kevin Elyot, Nick Dear, Russell Murray
 В ролях: David Suchet , Pip Torrens, Geoffrey Beevers, Pat Gorman, Tim Stern, Jane How, Richard Lintern, Hugh Fraser, Lucy Liemann, Richard Durden, Arthur Cox, Barbara Barnes, Ben Bazell, Beth Goddard Еще...
 Тип произведения: Сериал
 Жанр: Триллер / Драма / Криминальная драма / Мистика


  • Season 5, Episode 1: The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb
    Original Air Date-17 January 1993
    Shortly after opening an ancient Egyptian tomb, members of an English-American museum expedition start dropping off like flies. Can it truly be the Pharaoh's curse? Poirot travels to Egypt to unravel the mystery.

  • Season 5, Episode 2: The Underdog
    Original Air Date-24 January 1993
    Invited to the home of chemical company CEO Rueben Astwell for dinner and to view Mr. Astwell's collection of Belgian miniatures, Poirot finds Astwell universally disliked and shortly thereafter murdered. But the murder is only one piece of the puzzle when Poirot discovers Astwell's chemical company has developed synthetic rubber so precious that someone has broken into the company to try and steal the formula. Astwell himself is more than willing to sell it to the highest bidder, even the Nazi's.

  • Season 5, Episode 3: Yellow Iris
    Original Air Date-31 January 1993
    Exactly two years ago, in Buenos Aires, circumstances prevented Poirot from investigating the sudden death of the beautiful Iris Russell. Now he has the chance to try again, this time in London, when a yellow iris, mysteriously left on his doorstep, alerts Poirot that the killer may strike once more.

  • Season 5, Episode 4: The Case of the Missing Will
    Original Air Date-7 February 1993
    A terminally ill man asks Poirot to be executor of his new will but is murdered before he can write it, and it is later discovered the old will has been stolen.

  • Season 5, Episode 5: The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman
    Original Air Date-14 February 1993
    Poirot and his friend Captain Hastings find themselves investigating the murder of Count Foscatini, who was found in his flat. As it turns out, the dead man's valet, Mr. Graves, has been dating Miss Lemon and has been less than honest with her about his profession. As for the dead nobleman, the police believe he was being blackmailed. The Italian Embassy denies any knowledge of the man and denies that he had any official role in the country. Poirot doubts the veracity of their claims but also concludes that others are lying as well.

  • Season 5, Episode 6: The Chocolate Box
    Original Air Date-21 February 1993
    Accompanying Inspector Japp to Brussels, who is receiving an award from the Belgian government, Hercule Poirot tells him a case from 20 years before. Poirot was a young policeman at the time and at the request of Virginie Mesnard, agrees to investigate the death of rising young politician, Paul Deroulard. The courts had already ruled that he had died of a heart attack, but she believes he was murdered. Poirot believed Deroulard had been poisoned, likely from a box of chocolates he had been given by an aristocrat, Xavier St. Alard. In the end, Poirot identified the killer, even obtaining a confession, but chose not to make it public, for reasons that he explains to his colleagues.

  • Season 5, Episode 7: Dead Man's Mirror
    Original Air Date-28 February 1993
    Poirot is outbid at an auction for an antique mirror by the dislikeable Gervais Chevenix, who requests Poirot's attendance at his country home as he believes he is being defrauded by a business associate, John Lake. Poirot arrives at the Chevenix house with Hastings and meets Chevenix's wife Vanda, an eccentric who believes in reincarnation and predicts a death in the household, his adopted daughter Ruth and her cousin Hugo,a struggling manufacturer of tubular steel furniture, who will inherit Chevenix's money if they marry and Miss Lingard, a secretary helping Chevenix research a book he is writing. Hugo is engaged to Susan and Ruth has already married Lake in secret. As the household are dressing for dinner, the butler sounds the gong to summon them, and then a shot rings out. Vanda's prophecy has come true and her husband has been murdered.

  • Season 5, Episode 8: The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan
    Original Air Date-7 March 1993
    On his doctor's orders Poirot has gone to stay in the seaside resort of Brighton, where he is frequently mistaken for Lucky Len, who gives out money on behalf of a newspaper to people who recognize him. Poirot is staying at the Metropolitan hotel, as are Mr. Opalsen, a theatrical producer, and his wife who is an actress starring in a play at a local theatre. A set of valuable pearls which Mrs. Opalsen wears in the play is stolen from her room, and suspicion falls on her maid Celestine, who was in the room next door. Celestine loves Andrew, the impoverished young author of Mrs. Opalsen's play but they cannot afford to get married and she is accused of taking the jewels to finance their marriage. Poirot solves the case and unmasks the real culprit, being rewarded by Opalsen and getting a bonus when he identifies the real Lucky Len.

     Продолжительность: 6:44
    Рейтинг imdb:   8,6/10 (18.034 чел.)
     Внешние ссылки: IMDb
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